A NEW adventure in downtown Galena. Collect 5 treasures along Main Street as your team completes challenges & solves a grand mystery:

FIND Ulysses S. Grant in beautiful downtown Galena and win a prize !

~ A fun mystery created for Adults & Teens alike ~
How to play, game details, & more historical background below.

President Lincoln needs your help!
Find Ulysses S. Grant & help
win the Civil War...

When: 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Saturday & Sunday. We encourage you to eat lunch during the hunt.

Start Location: Just outside the restaurant Durty Gurt's (235 N. Main Street) you will meet your guide

Price: $89/ticket - Includes one Historic Galena backpack (to fill with goodies) and a clue sheet to start your mystyery adventure. We recommend one ticket for each group of 2-4 players. With two tickets, the group can be divided in half and play head-to-head if desired.

What’s Included:

 🔎 9 clues & challenges (pictured: top secret clue sheet you will receive upon booking & in person) to decode, to be completed at-your-own-pace in downtown Galena *At least 1 member on each team should bring a smartphone to take photos & find locations on a map

 🔎 Our Historic Galena backpack & 5 different gifts to stuff it with along Main Street as you play the game !

 🥇 Also includes a delicious snack & grand prize upon solving the mystery at the end of the game. Can you FIND Ulysses S. Grant ?!


Pictured below: one of Galena's historic local landmarks & scavenger hunt locations, the old post office. Built in 1857 from the finest limestone transported from 180 miles away, the Galena post office is the oldest continuously owned & operated post office in the United States.

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